Sunday, January 4, 2009

What we did on the weekend

Saturday was lovely and rainy! Such a nice change from stiffling heat followed by a brief thunderstorm. We did a few home things in the morning and then headed out to SouthBank to the Gallery of Modern Art. They have an awesome kids program on at the moment with heaps of activities for budding artists. We really enjoyed this darked room with UV lights and glowing cardboard shapes to fit together. No photo of Toby I know but you try telling a 2 year old to keep still for 3 seconds while the shutter stays open!

On Sunday after Church we had a bite of lunch then tackled the kids new play equipment purchased to replace the swings etc that were smashed in the storm. It took all afternoon but we are very pleased with the results. There are two more modules to add when they come back into stock. We purchased the Playing Mantis set from Muffin Kids and Ken's service was excellent!

The equipment is set up under our new shade sail that Rob put up last week. It will be so nice for the kids to have a shady place to play. You can see the new fence in the background too. To see the old fence and what happened to it (and the old play equipment) check out this post.


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