Monday, October 25, 2010

Riverside Dolls is open again :)

Things have been a bit busy here this year - what with school, preschool and a new business to help run, so my dolls have taken a bit of a back seat. Lately things have quietened down a wee bit and I've picked up the tricot, and the wool and found a spare 6 0r 7 hours here and there to sew a couple of dolls. They are up on my Etsy site with another to join them in the next couple of days.

I've enjoyed looking back through photos to see how my doll making has evolved over the last few years. They are all gorgeous but I'm very happy with the dirrection they are taking.

I know some people think Steiner dolls are overpriced but really -each doll takes at least 6 or 7 hours to do. The clothes can take hours, long hair takes a looong time and the high quality materials I use are expensive but make the difference between an ordinary doll and a special doll. I try to keep my prices as reasonable as I can :)

Keep an eye out for some felt creations in the next few weeks. I am lucky to count as a friend a very talented lady who is highly skilled in Steiner wool felt work and she has been teaching me! How lucky am I? I am currently a bit gnome obsessed and my kids have been the recipients of my practice gnomes while I perfect my technique. They are taking over the house!

If you'd like to buy my work or request a custom doll follow the link

So anyway -here's what I've been working on...


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